Email for more information, pictures or to arrange a viewing. This is the bulk of our assets but we will be adding more smaller items (mostly related to Chickens and wash/pack) as they become available into November.

250 gallon diesel tank- $200 In use so no leaks.

“salad mix spinner”- $20 used on organic greens.

Pick bags- 6 available. $25 each

Mouse proof pallet bins- 2 available. $20

IH 370 10 ft discs- 1,800

AVAILABLE 11/24/19 1997 ford e350 14 ft box truck- $7500 OBO About 18k on a brand new engine, transmission and muffler.

AVAILABLE 11/24/19 12 x 20 ft cooler. 2 coolbots w/24000 BTU ACs. Pallet sized doors.- $4,000 OBO

AVAILABLE 11/24/19 Possibly before. Deutz 7085 w/loader, bucket, and forks.- $13500

Brush Washer 16in w/9 in rollers- 1,750

Available late October Chicken wagon- $700 can hold 500+ birds. Inside are 4 10 hole nest boxes and roosts. Used on a day range pasture system.

Allis Chalmers G with electric conversion- 4,500

Works great. Newer batteries. Comes with 4 cultivators.

3 row Jang seeder- $2,800

Comes with extras. 3pt or G toolbar your choice, gauge wheels, 12 seed rollers and extra hoppers etc.

3 inch aluminum pipe irrigation- $3,500. Approx 60 30 ft lengths. Includes trailer, risers, end caps, T’s and 3 inch PVC fittings.

Club Car Turf 1- $1600. Newer batteries. Nice knobby back tires to not get stuck.

Club Car turf 1- $2100

Basket Weeder- 2,000

Currently set with 11in baskets. 3r 13 in spacing or 2r 26in spacing. Can mount to IH belly mounts.

Lilliston Style weeder- $650. Used keep bed aisles weeded.

middle buster plow- $100

Woods BB720X Mower- $2400 Good up to 120 hp. 6ft wide.

Lely Tine Weeder- 1650


Grindstone Farm Variable Speed Barrel Washer- $2000

Works great for roots and other items.

Farmall Cub - $2300

We no longer need the redundancy this provided. Comes with rear cultivator attached and has standard belly cultivator arms. Also includes and front blade we never used.

IH Shanks, Hilling Discs, and Sweeps. Various prices


IH cultivator setup - $450

Kuhl Egg wash - $90. unopened and unused.

supercal gypsum- $150 omri approved. About 30 bags.

Stackable grey harvest crates 20 available - $6 each

Seed fridge- $20 used to keep seeds dry in the greenhouse.

black harvest crates 200 available- $4 each

Pallet box full of wire hoops- $150 Unsure as to how many there are hundreds. Mostly #9 wire.

Johnnys 4 row seeder- $190

STIHL SR 450 backpack sprayer- $500

Quick cut greens harvester- $580 Includes 5 replacement blades, parts kit, sharpener and drill.

Glaser Wheel hoe- $400 Includes 8in, 12in blade and hiller attachment.

Ag19 row cover 83in wide- $150. Almost a full roll and a smaller one. Kept away from mice.

Ryobi Pressure Washer- $80

21” tine weeding rake- $25

2 x 5 ft stainless steel tables on casters (3 available)- $250 each

1 1/2 inch PVC fittings, pressure reducers etc. All in good condition and half price.

Homemade vacuum seeder 72 and 128 plates with vac and foot pedal- $220

Vibro hand seeder with power adapter- $65

SVD-350 pots 450 per cs unopened (4 available)- $20 each

Trellising clips 4 crates full- $40

over 3000 ft Intelibraid 6.0 fencing with about 100 t-post insulators and misc extras- $300

Small structure used to house goats- $200 all the wood is 2 years old could also be used as a small coop.

Kenwood Oil radiatior (2 available)- $30 each Used to heat smaller spaces (washpack, well pump rooms, eggwash) on colder days.

Detecto T10 scale (2 available)- $40 Used to bag up smaller quantities of vegetables

Apple Crates (4 available)- $8 each Used to display vegetables at market.

6 ft T-Posts - $2 Each

Shelving/germ chamber with lights- $100

Chicken Supplies-

1 year old laying hens- $5 each

Kuhl 250# feeders (4 available)- $75 each

4x4 chicken booding hovers (4 available)- $30 each. Suitable for 150-200 baby chicks

Kuhl 4 bulb brooder (3 available)- $55

Kuhl 5# baby chick feeder (6 available)- 10 each

water base for mason jar chick water- $10 for 9

Wire egg collection baskets holds 14 doz (30 available) $12 each

Wire egg collection baskets holds 7 doz (10 available) $10 each

chick safe extreme automatic door opener- $110

3 gallon grow bags 250 cs (2 available)- $35 each

6 gallon grow bags 250 cs (2 available)- $50 each

Net emitter pc junior wP 1.0gph w/nipple outlet 250ct (2 available)- 60 each


Earthway seeder- $75

Comes with plates over 6 plates

Bread trays - $4 each. Used with soil block.

Bags on a roll biodegradable- cs of 2 rolls $30

16 inch organically grown twist ties- $50 5k in a cs

Coleman 100 quart coolers- $15 each

CSA crates (150 available)- $2 each. Valencia 25’s with lids.