Want to understand in more detail what it means to be a Radical Rooter -or- Radical Root CSA Member?

Joining our CSA program brings the following perks:

  • Connection to the food that's grown only miles from your home. 
  • Receipt of veggies within days of harvesting.
  • Exposure to new seasonal produce, along with recipes to help you explore the produce, which  will reawaken your pleasure of cooking and broaden what your family eats.
  • No longer have to think about what to pick up at the grocery store.

More perks:

CSA share.jpg


  • A newsletter that includes updates from the farm  and more recipes.
  • 20% off additional produce at any of our markets or at our farm stand.
  • A Radical Root Farm tote bag to help transport your produce home. Shares are packed into white plastic containers that need to remain at the pick up locations. 
  • Access to our vacation rescheduling program (see below for program description)
  • Invitations to our farm visits and potlucks, as well as our Harvest Fest.

What to expect in a veggie share? 
Your produce will include what is ready to be harvested each week. So much can change from week to week. Below is a sense of what types of produce you will likely see in each given season.

  • Spring season (4-weeks for $150 starting early May)
    Tender greens, spring turnips, arugula, lettuce, radishes, spinach, scallions, potatoes and more!
  • Summer--our main season (18-weeks for $615 or 9-weeks for $360 starting early June)
    Lettuce, kale, dill, cilantro, broccoli, carrots, beets, tomatoes, Swiss chard, beans, snap peas, spinach, cabbage, kohlrabi, celery, parsley, mustard greens, fennel, Asian greens, radish, turnips, scallions, sweet and hot peppers, basil, summer squash, winter squash, cucumbers, eggplant, leeks, garlic, sweet and storage onions, celery root (celeriac), potatoes, and much more!
  • Fall (6-weeks for $225 starting 2nd week of October)

Note, while we grow a wide-variety of crops we sometimes further expand what you get in in your box by purchasing or adding produce.  This produce will not always be certified but will always be grown with organic standards.

Members can a choose to join us a full-share (all 18 weeks) during the Summer season. Or, members can choose a half-share Summer season membership. Half-share members pick up every other week or 9-weeks. They can choose to start picking up either the first week (or odd weeks) or the second week (even weeks). 

Vacation Rescheduling: 

From time to time members are unable to pick up their share. Our vacation reschedule program provides members an opportunity to reschedule up to 4 shares per calendar year. You define which week you're unable to pick up (or unable to send a friend to pick up on your behalf), define which future week (within the season) you'd like to pick up 2 shares. New in 2014, members will be able to do this themselves on line using their email address and our member web-based organizer system. 

Using this this new member web-based organizer system, you will also be able to switch your pick up location. VERY IMPORTANT, any changes to your week's share must be done the Monday before you're due to pick up your share. If you miss this window, your share will have been packed and we won't be able to honor your hold. Please keep in mind we harvest the exact amount for our members.

Use this link to sign-in to the member organizer web-based system.  


What happens if you can't pick up your share?
If you've missed the time-window to place your share on vacation hold, or know that you will be late, you are welcome to send a friend to pick up your share on your behalf. Please be sure to give them the information on where to go and remind them to bring a bag(s). They'll either look for your name on the pick up list or give your name to the pick up attendant. If sending a friend isn't an option, or you've missed the pick up time-window, please know shares are donated and can't be picked up at a later time. We'd love to make special accommodations for our valued members. Unfortunately, the complex logistics that are involved each week to get shares to all our members at the right place, prevent us from  doing so. We appreciate everyone's understanding.




We welcome your questions! Email us at radicalrootfarm@gmail.com.