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Canning Summer's Bounty: Join Alison Parker from Radical Root Farm to learn the art of canning.  In this demo class, instruction will be given for both water bath and pressure canning techniques.  We'll go over safe canning guidelines and equipment along with the how-tos.  Learn to can, pickle, and make jams with confidence!  Take home both a mason jar and seasonal vegetables to then try it at home.  

The Kitchen Herbalist: Learn how food can be your medicine in this class!  Learn about healing foods, and how to promote health with common kitchen spices, vegetables, and wild plants found in your own backyard.  During the class, Alison will lead a plant walk around the farm to learn about wild edibles and medicinals common in this area.  Drink a healing drink and take home a small packet of information.  

Preserving the Harvest with Fermentation: Learn to ferment vegetables into tasty and probiotic pickles and krauts.  Lacto-fermented foods provide numerous health benefits using lactobacillius bacteria to preserve food instead of vinegar.  Mason jars and farm-fresh vegetables will be provided in this hands-on workshop to take your healthy fermented creation with you!   

Making Healing Fermented Foods: Learn the amazing healing benefits to fermenting vegetables and other foods.  Learn about the whys and hows of incorporating herbs, and make your own kim chi or saurkraut to take home with you!  We’ll be using Radical Root farm-fresh produce to make your own personal healing concoction to take home.  Mason jars will be provided.  

 Edible Herbal Bodycare and Beauty Products: Want to learn how to making more natural, herbal based bodycare products?  Maybe you are looking for creative gifts to give this holiday season?  In this workshop, you will learn to make a homemade lip balm, tooth powder, deodorant, salt scrub, bath salts, and more!  You will make a few items to take home with you!

The Herbalist’s Kitchen: In this workshop, learn what common ailments can be treated using common kitchen spices, wild plants you can find in your yard, and vegetables from your CSA box or farmer’s market!  Learn what it is to have food be your medicine, and learn about both treatments and prevention.  We’ll then cook a meal together using Radical Root farm-fresh ingredients, putting together what we learned!

Making Healing Fermented Drinks: Learn to make delicious, healing, fermented drinks.  Learn how to incorporate herbs.  We will learn and make and taste healing brews of all kinds, such as Ginger beer, mead, medicinal wines, kombucha and more!   Bring two mason jars to take home two starters to get you going, you herbal brewmaster, you!

Cold and Flu, The Herbal Way: Make this winter a healthy one for you and your family.  Learn treatments and prevention with food, common culinary spices and wild plants.  Learn about making syrups and teas to keep everyone healthy, and learn to make ‘fire cider’, an herbalist favorite, to take home with you!